JANNE VICOSE is always advocating quality, putting "heartfelt quality, excellence" as their absolute standards of conduct, comprehensively maintaining the development space of a brand. Let the sense of focusing on quality to win permanent trust by customers.


Our company advocates the cultural atmosphere of persisting ideal vision, strong cohesion, loyalty to the team and the courage to innovate. It also promotes the efficient management mode; introduces and comprehensively spreads science and response to the manage at every stage, so that each customer and personnel experience the achievement by the efficient management mode.


Perfect service to customers is of vital importance to any business, staff’s service is the driving force for development. In the 21st century, JANNE VICESE maintained the nature of the modern international enterprises in manufacturing and service; adhere to provide the most comprehensive services to each customer. We are looking forward to working with China and the world countries and the regions to conduct a comprehensive cooperation and common development. Brand Image ..
JANNE VICESE has an excellent high-quality technology development team, who uses the most advanced computer software,and precisely plan and design every product.Our Company has openly professional enterprise laboratory, which is equipped with kinds of detection equipments and testing materials. They ensure the best technology to quality products; The technical engineering staff of the UKS devotes themselves to the need of each end customer, and adheres to professional standards being a technical staff.